Hello, and welcome to Mom Runs for Fun! My name is Sara, and I am a mom who runs for fun, as well as wife to Matt, the world’s most understanding and patient husband, and a working mom of two amazing kids, Trace and Brooke. We are fortunate to live near the water, on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore.


Although I played sports pretty much throughout my childhood, and tinkered around in the gym a bit in college, I never really did much actual running beyond an uninspired mile or two here and there.  That changed in 2014 when, following a difficult divorce, I found myself with an all-over sense of blah, and generally in need of something to ground myself mentally and emotionally.  I felt an urge to run.  I’d always admired runners.  But it had been so long since I’d exercised I was terrified to see just how out of shape I’d become.  However, with a little Googling, I found a couch-to-5K program online that seemed doable, and, to hold myself accountable, I signed up for my first race, the Seaside 5K in Ocean City, Maryland.  Though I felt like I was dying as I huffed and puffed across the finish line, I had become totally hooked on the runners’ high, and the sense of accomplishment I felt from the simple act of identifying a goal and achieving it.  Since then, I’ve moved on to various 10Ks, half marathons, and one full marathon (though I’m hoping to do more in the future!).


Now, being a runner is central to how I define myself. I truly believe in the transformative power of running, movement, and exercise in general, and I hope that others – particularly moms, since we are always working so hard to hold so much together – can find the same blend of confidence, serenity, and purpose through running that I have found.


Want to read more about me? You can learn more about why I started this website here and a bit more about how I came to find running (and myself) here.

Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer, or certified running coach. The advice or suggestions that are shared on this blog are what work for me and come from my personal experiences. When it comes to your health and fitness, do your research, talk to professionals, and most importantly be safe!