Training Update: A Solid Long Run and Skipping a Race

This week has been a bit of an oddball week as far as training has gone. As a working mom, it’s rare that I actually run on the days of the week that my training plan calls for because I’m usually trying to squeeze in my runs on the days of the week that work best based on what my family has planned and what my work schedule looks like. I’m fortunate to work from home several days a week, although this varies by week, so I tend to try to run on those days if possible. So, this week looked something like this:

Sunday: 3 miles

Monday: 9 miles (pushed last week’s long run to Monday to adjust for vacation hangover)

Tuesday: Rest (had to go in to work)

Wednesday: Rest (had to go in to work)

Thursday: 5 miles

Friday: Rest (originally planned to do my long run today, but it just didn’t happen)

Saturday: 3 miles (tempo)

Sunday: 10 miles

Basically, I did my easy 3-miler on Sunday, and pushed last week’s long run to Monday due to extended vacation hangover/exhaustion. I took Tuesday and Wednesday off because I had to head in to work both of those days, instead of working from home. Thursday was an absolutely gorgeous day, and I got in a beautiful 5-miler on a local trail. It was actually my first time running this part of the trail, but it’s definitely going to be on heavy rotation moving forward.


Originally, my plan for this week had been to do my 10-mile long run on Friday so that I could free up some time over the weekend to spend with my family, and because I had planned to run a local 5K race on Saturday evening. However, I suppose old habits die hard – I have almost always done my long runs on Sundays, and I just couldn’t get it done on Friday. So, I decided to push the long run to Sunday. The biggest change for this week was an impromptu decision by my husband and me on Saturday morning to take advantage of the absolutely gorgeous Fall weather we’ve been having here in Maryland lately, and take a day trip to Rehoboth Beach, which is about an hour and a half from where we live. This meant skipping the 5K I had signed up to run on Saturday evening, so I decided to go for a quick 3 miler before we left.


I had, for me, an absolutely great run that morning. The weather was perfect, and I was able to run an average pace of sub-9:00 miles, which is what I have been trying to achieve since I started running again after giving birth to Brooke in March. I can’t describe how good it feels to finally feel like myself again after months of feeling like I’d never get back to where I used to be as a runner. I believe that a lot of this has to do with the fact that over the past week, I have been focusing heavily on eating well – this is not to say that I’ve been “perfect”, but I have made much better choices for most meals and the difference in how I feel and how I run has quickly become apparent.

A better lunch option: scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of cheese and avocado on whole grain tortilla.

Skipping a race is not something that I normally do (in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done this, and I don’t plan to do it again…), but in this case, it was the right decision. The 5K that I signed up for was a small, local event that I run every year – not as a goal race, but just because it’s close by and the entry fee supports a good, local cause. Because this wasn’t a goal race and was just one I’d be running for the sake of running a race, the decision to skip it wasn’t a big deal to me. We had an absolutely wonderful time at the beach just walking around, enjoying a good meal, and seeing the ocean again.

Sunday’s long run went fairly well, too. Although I wouldn’t say it felt great – and this was mainly my fault due to a bad fueling mistake (I ate too close to the time I headed out for my run) – I’m still happy with my 9:26/min pace for the 10 miles that I ran. I’m also pretty happy with my choice of post-long run indulgence: chocolate chip bagel with almond butter 🙂 So good.


In less-than-happy news, I managed to tweak my knee during my long run. My knees have had ongoing issues ever since I was in high school. So, I’m taking today off to rest and ice it with the hope of getting my 3-miler in tomorrow.

IMG_7428 2

Did you run this weekend? Tell me about it in the comments!

Have you ever skipped a race to go do something else instead?

Happy Running! -Sara

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