Training Update: August Mileage and a Good Long Run (Finally!)

This past weekend, we traveled back home to Maryland from our vacation in Myrtle Beach. Coming home was bittersweet: we miss the beach and the uninterrupted time with Trace and Brooke, but there is plenty to do at home, and I am SO looking forward to Fall this year. In fact, we came home to some absolutely gorgeous running weather – low humidity, low dew point, and temperatures in the mid and upper 60s. While I love running by the ocean, these taste-of-Fall temperatures were such a relief compared to the hot and humid beach, and made my runs yesterday and this morning so much more enjoyable.



I was so excited for Fall temperatures, I made the Flu-Fighter Chicken and Rice Stew from Run Fast Eat Slow

While we were on vacation, I wrapped up my August mileage with 67.3 miles. I feel neutral about this number – not especially excited, but not disappointed, either.  I’ve never been “big” on monthly mileage numbers, although I do get a little jolt of excitement whenever I cross the 100-mile mark in a month. I suppose it’s because I view training and running as a cumulative effort over a longer period of time that I don’t find monthly mileage numbers to be particularly telling or valuable. For example, I know that my mileage number for September is going to be higher than August because I’m hitting the peak of my training plan this month…but I don’t think that means my training in August was any less important just because I didn’t log as many miles. I’m not a better or tougher runner in September than I was in August. But, if nothing else, it is interesting sometimes just to see how much you’ve run in a given month.

This week, I decided not to run on Saturday, since Matt and I drove overnight Friday into Saturday morning, and we were both completely exhausted all day Saturday. However, I was still pretty wiped out on Sunday, and decided to take advantage of the long holiday weekend by swapping my planned long run of nine miles on Sunday for a three miler, and pushed the long run to today. Although I always struggle with a bit of guilt when I push a run back (especially a long run), this worked out really well. I felt strong during the three miles I ran on Sunday and actually got in a sub-9:00 mile 🙂 My long run today went well, too, thankfully.


Considering that I really struggled with my past two long runs, I needed this one to go well to get my confidence back on track. While I didn’t feel spectacular by the end of this nine miler, I was able to run the entire distance at a pace I consider to be solid for me, given where I am with my training. Today’s long run made me feel like I’ll at least be able to run the full distance of my upcoming 13.1, which I was starting to doubt after my last two long runs.

As of today, I have a little less than a month until the Wineglass Half Marathon! I can hardly believe the race is so close – it doesn’t feel like I’ll be running a half marathon in just a few weeks. For now, I am just hoping to finish the race – I know I won’t be setting a PR (or even coming close, most likely), and if I hadn’t deferred this race from last year, I likely wouldn’t even be training for a half marathon right now.

Coming back to running after pregnancy and giving birth has been so much more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. I’ll be discussing my journey of running while pregnant and postpartum in a series of posts beginning later this week 🙂



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